The All Faculty Exhibition

Here are somephotographs of the current exhibition here in the Melvin Art Gallery, titled Teaching and Creating: The Art of the Florida Southern Faculty. This show is exhibited through November 8, 2013. The opening reception for this exhibition was last Friday, October 25th.

This exhibition displays work by our art department’s inspirational faculty here at Florida Southern College. It presents various works in several different mediums, including painting, printmaking, photography, ceramics, and installation. Please join us to view the talent that advocates our program.

Artists included in this exhibition:

William (Bill) Otremsky, Kelly Sturhahn, Samuel Romero, Eric Blackmore, Beth Ford, Joseph (Joe) Mitchell, Patricia Lamb, Sarah Brewington-Baulac, Jaci Hanson, and Victoria Lowe

IMG_1425 IMG_1423 IMG_1421 IMG_1419 IMG_1418 IMG_1417 IMG_1415 IMG_1414 IMG_1412 IMG_1411 IMG_1409 IMG_1408 IMG_1406 IMG_1405 IMG_1404 IMG_1403 IMG_1402 IMG_1436 IMG_1434 IMG_1430 IMG_1433 IMG_1429 IMG_1435 IMG_1400 IMG_1399 IMG_1398 IMG_1397 IMG_1394


Fonchen Lord Exhibition

IMG_6724 IMG_6725 IMG_6728 IMG_6732 IMG_6736 IMG_6738 IMG_6739 IMG_6740 IMG_6741 IMG_6742 IMG_6744 IMG_6745 IMG_6747 IMG_6752 IMG_6757 IMG_6762 IMG_6766 IMG_6769 IMG_6773 IMG_6782 IMG_6786 IMG_6789 IMG_6792Fonchen Lord Exhibition

We are pleased to present a retrospective exhibition of works from the late artist Fonchen Lord who lived in Lakeland between 1949 and 1993. Her works have been exhibited in major galleries across the United States, and re on display at several different college campuses including Florida Southern College, Harvard University, Miami University, and the Winter Haven campus of Polk State College. Fonchen’s diverse collection of artwork–ranging from two-dimensional drawings and paintings from teh 1960s and 1970s to the minimalist three-dimensional sculptures of her later career–is included in our remarkable exhibition. Exhibition is open Monday through Friday 9am-5pm beteen September 20 and October 10, 2013.